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Anonymous asked: "Are you still making Bensaro videos?"

I am. I haven’t gotten a chance to make any since the last one, do to being busier then I expected. Will be making more. Thought of two these last two weeks I am thinking of doing, but always welcome to ideas too.

posted 2 weeks ago

counc asked: "What episode are the two middle gifs from on your last post? The ones where OB is in the ambulance all bloody and then in the hospital with Cragen?"

Those are from 14x2 Above Suspicion. It was part of the two hour season premiere.  The next it aired it was 14x1/14x2 Lost Reputation/Above Suspicion.

posted 3 weeks ago

Bensaro AR/AU: Nick is killed when someone shoots at his house and Olivia wants to be okay, but falls apart.

Anonymous asked: "what episode is the bensaro favorite hug from?"

That is from Season 14 Episode 10 Presumed Guilty. It was the Christmas Episode.

posted 1 month ago

Consideration - SVU Drama