What scenes would you like to see from this past weeks SVU?

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Anonymous asked: "do u think rollaro has any chemistry..... i mean i don't see any"

I feel they had some chemistry back in the beginning of their run, as is Season 13. This is me going back to watching a couple years later, trying to figure out what this was and why it even happened. So I looked back and saw that maybe they couple have been better together in Season 13… but come Season 14 and 15 that kind of went out the window. I have issues with Amanda myself, because of Season 15. Right now their sense seem more awkward and not as natural as they used to be. It feels forced and not right. So short version of this no answer, no I don’t think they have chemistry. Whatever this is between them needs to end and they need to go back to be co-workers and friends.

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Anonymous asked: "Does nick amaro at any point have feelings for Olivia benson?"

I would like to believe he does. There have been some moment where it sure seems like that. We do know he does care for her as a partner, friend and boss.


Anonymous asked: "Thank you for giving me the name and number of the episode. And did you ever find the name of the other episode? Sorry for being such a hassle."

You’re not being a hassle, I’m always happy to answer any questions I can. Sadly I have not found this episode. If there are any fans out there who might be able to help, let us know. Otherwise will continue to look for you and once i find it will let you know.

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Anonymous asked: "Do you know the episode where the other detectives or whoever tells amaro he needs anger management or something? Also the episode where benson tells amaro about her dad?"

I do not know that one off hand. I will have to go and back look to see if I can find it. As for the Episode were Benson tells Amaro about her dad, which we just posted it again. That is from 14x18 Legitimate Rape.

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